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General Wire- Hand Tools

general wire hand tools


Closet Augers

General’s professional Flexicore Closet Auger (shown Cat # 3FL) is the ideal tool for breaking up stoppages or removing lost objects in clogged toilet bowls. The durable double layer Flexicore construction gives the snake tremendous resistance to kinking. The Flexicore closet auger works where plungers fail.

Spec sheet

D-25 Handy

The redesiged D-25 Handy now sports a durable new plastic container and a rugged new patented chuck for maximum performance, flexbility, and reliability. Designed to take the toughest field abuse, General’s sturdy new plastic container has been drop tested from 8 feet – fully loaded – without damage.

X500 Spin Drive

The Spin-Drive is a lightweight easy-to-operate manual drain cleaner for 2” through 4” drain lines. A comfortable metal handle on the crank turns the cage smoothly on self-aligning oilite bearings mounted on the front and rear of frame. A convenient carrying handle is mounted on the cage for easier portability. Equipped with Flexicore wire rope center cables, assuring you long life, as well as the strength and flexibility to do a good cleaning job.

Spec Sheet