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General Wire- Medium Line

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Mini Rooter

The Mini-Rooter clears lines from rooftop to basement, including kitchen, bath and laundry. With 50  ft. of 1/2″ cable, it weighs just 60  lbs.  This inexpensive, easy-to-use machine has  lots  of time saving features. For instance, you can remove the cage in seconds for  more portability or to switch to a different cable diameter – with no  mess or lost time. Safety features include an air foot  switch,  ground fault circuit interrupter, and a safety  slip clutch. An integral inner drum and distributor tube spring help prevent cable tangling  under load.

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Easy Rooter Jr

The Easy Rooter Junior drives up to 100 feet of 1/2″ Flexicore® cable to clear  2″, 3″ and most 4″ drain lines.
A patented chuck secures the cable during operation. With a just a quarter turn, the chuck tightens firmly on the cable to secure it while the Easy Rooter Junior drives the cable into the line. It’s faster and easier to use than a thumb screw. The reinforced powder coated steel frame is built to take heavy duty use and abuse. A special “roll bar” protects the motor when loading the machine into car trunk.

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Mini Rooter XP

The Mini-Rooter XP gives you extra portability because 8″ semi-pneumatic wheels let you keep the weight on the ground. An easy-grip handle folds down to save space and locks to use as an additional lifting handle. A roll bar protects the 1/3 hp motor when going up or down stairs. And the power cord and foot pedal can be stowed away on convenient cord wraps.

The XP gives you extra performance and value, enabling you to clear clogged drain lines from 1-1/4″ to 4″ in diameter with just one machine.

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The Metro

The variable speed power cable feed makes the Metro easier for your customers to use. The automatic feed drives cable into the line at up to 20 feet per minute. Put the feed in reverse and it retracts the cable easily too. The power cable feed and guide tube combination allows the cable to feed smoothly into the line while keeping your customers hands clean and away from the spinning cable.

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