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Parts Breakdown

Air Tools

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APT (American Pneumatic Tool)

109 Rock Drill

115 Rock Drill

117 Paving Breaker

118 Digger

119 Trencher

113 & 1133 Rivet Buster

137 Rock Drill (40lbs)

138 Rock Drill (45lbs) (disc)

140 Paving Breaking (35lbs)

155 Rock Drill (55 lbs)

160 Paving Breaker (60 lbs)

180 Paving Breaker (90 lbs) (disc)

190 Paving Breaker (90 lbs)

450 Chippers (4bole) (disc)

550 Chippers

650 Chippers

Allied (Hole Hog)

Model 2000 A,B,C-4″ Piercing Tool

Atlas Copco

Atlas RH 571 Rock Drill

Atlas  RH-658L Rock Drill

Atlas BBD-12D

Atlas BBD-15 Rock Drill

Atlas 14PS, 15 PE

TEX 18P, 18PS,19PE,22P,22PS, 23PE, 27P, 27PS, 28PE

TEX 32P,32PS, 33PE, 39P, 39PS, 40PE

TEX 317  TEX 417

TEX 318

TEX 319

TEX 320 / 420

TEX 321

TEX 626P

TEX 640

TEX 1133R Rivet Buster – Open Handle

TEX 830R , 1133R Rivet Buster

Chicago Pneumatic

CP-0003 Handheld Tamper

CP-0004 Handheld Tamper

CP-0044 Air Saw 

CP-0006 Scabbler

CP-0066 Scabbler

CP-0111 Pick Hammer

CP- 9 Rock Drill

CP-14 R Rock Drill

CP-0022 Sinker Drill

CP-0032A Sinker Drill

CP-0069 Sinker Drill

CP-0112 Paving Breaker

CP-0222 Clay Digger

CP-222 Utility Hammer

CP-0456 Needle Scaler

CP-1210 Paving Breaker

CP-1210 and 1210S Paving Breaker

CP-1230 Paving Breaker

CP-1240 Paving Breaker

CP-1260 Paving Breaker

CP-1290 Paving Breaker

CP-4123 Chipping Hammer

CP-4125 Chipping Hammer

CP-4130 Chipping Hammer

CP-4131 Chipping Hammer 

CP-4132 Chipping Hammer

CP-4133 Chipping Hammer 

CP-4133-4 Chipping Hammer 

CP-4134 Chipping Hammer 

CP-4136 Chipping Hammer 

CP-4136-4 Chipping Hammer

CP-4180 Rivet Buster

4181-4 Rivet Buster

CP-4160D Inside Trigger

CP-4160P Outside Trigger

CP-4181 Rivet Buster V

CP-4181 Rivet Buster A

CP-4181 V Retained Piston

CP-4608P and 4611P Rivet Buster

CP-4611D Rivet Buster  Page  2

CP-9361 Airscribe


B1 Scaler & Needle Scaler (TX1B)

SC-3A Piston Scaler

Edicon Mining Equipment

EMD23 – see CP1230 Paving Breaker (Chicago Pneumatic)

DP60 – see TX-60PB Paving Breaker (Texas Pneumatic)

EM9DB – see TX-90PB Paving Breaker (Texas Pneumatic)

EM 555 – see CP222 Utility Hammer (Chicago Pneumatic)

EM17DB – see CP1210 Paving Breaker (Chicago Pneumatic)

U 9 – see CP-9 Rockdrill (Chicago Pneumatic)

ERD60 – see S55 Rockdrill (Gardiner Denver)

EME – see CP4125 Chipping Hammer (Chicago Pneumatic)

EDRC 11 & EDRC 81 Rivet Buster see CP4181 (Chicago Pneumatic)



B 67  & B67B Paving Breaker

B67 C 60lb Paving Breaker

B87 B Breaker

B87C Paving Breaker

S55 Rock Drill

S58 Rock Drill

Ingersoll Rand

9001 Rivet Buster

JH-40 Rock Drill

JB4 Rock Drill

MX60 an MX90 Paving Breaker

PBR30, PBR 40, PB60, PB85 (Disc)

182 Scaler

95 and 93 Digger

Jet Construction Tools

FBCH 4- Bolt Chipping Hammer

JPB60 Breaker

JPB-90 Breaker

RD 30 Rock Drill

RD 60 Rock Drill


MCH 2,3,4 Chipping Hammer

MPB-35 Paving Breaker


MPB-60 and MPB-90 Hammer

MRB 8 and 11 Rivet Buster

MRD-9 Small Rock Drill

MRD-30 Rock Drill

MRD-40,50 Rock Drill

MRD-55 Rock Drill


SRD-50 Rock Drill

MBT-6 Tamper

Texas Pneumatic

TX-CH-2, TX-CH3, TX-CH4 4 Bolt Chipping Hammers

TX-6TN Backfill Tamper

TX18HD Hammer Drill

TX30PB Paving Breaker

TX40PB Paving Breaker

TX60PB Paving Breaker

TX90PB Paving Breaker

TX-30RD Rock Drill

TX-60RD Rock Drill

TX-00 Sand Rammer

TX70B Sand Rammer/TX-8 Bench Rammer

TXASI Airscribe

TX8/2-1/2 and TX8-4 Bench Rammer

TX-JF20 and TXJF24 Fan

TX1B Needle Chisel Scaler

TX182-NS & TX-182-CS (IR182 STYLE)

TX2LR/TX2PT Long Reach Chisel Scaler

TX-1AMF Air Manifold

TX-2AMF, TX-3AMF Air Manifold

TX-4AMF, TX-5AMF Large Capacity Air Manifold

T-3 & S1 Piston Scaler

TX-133 Rivet Buster


18 Digger

38 Rockdrill

15 Rockdrill

75 (TX60RD) Rock Drill

125 Paving Breaker

234 (TX 60PB) Paving Breaker


THH-6,7,8,4 4-Bolt Chipping Hammer


TJ-20 Rock Drill

TPB-30, TCD-30 & TRC-30



Pumps and Generators

If you cannot find the parts breakdown you need, please contact our office and we will send it to you


Chicago Pneumatic Submersible Pumps

WEDA Series Breakdown’s

WEDA-04 & WEDA-08



Concrete Vibrators

If you cannot find the parts breakdown you need, please contact our office and we will send it to you


UL Grounded Motor Parts

Vibrator Head Parts





Ceiling Grinder Parts

Rebar Shaker Head

Drain Cleaners- General Wire