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XAS 188 CD

Small Towable Diesel Mobile Air Compressor

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XAS 188 CD

The Atlas Copco XAS 188 CD is a single-stage oil-injected rotary screw type air compressor, powered by a liquid-cooled, four cylinder diesel engine.

Working Pressure: 60-125 PSI
Free Air Delivery: 190 CFM
Lowest Cost of Ownership in its class

The unit consists of an air end, diesel engine, cooling circuit, air/oil separation and control systems – all enclosed within a sound dampened HardHat™ polyethylene shell. A broad range of undercarriage formats, factory and locally installed options are available. Special attention has been given to the overall product quality, user friendliness, ease of serviceability, and economical operation to ensure best in class cost of ownership.

View and/or Download XAS 188 CD: Datasheet / Brochure

XC2003 Controller Functionality:

Displayed while running

  • Hours
  • Fuel level
  • RPM
  • Outlet pressure
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Operational Buttons

  • Start and stop of the unit
  • View measurements, settings and alarms
  • Multi position cursor to navigate menus

Compressor measurements displayed

  • Running hours
  • Fuel level
  • Clock
  • Battery voltage
  • Running hours
  • Regulating pressure
  • Emergency stop count
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Minor and major service counters in hours and days

Engine measurements displayed

  • Current fuel rate
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Engine oil pressure
  • Engine RPM

Warnings and Shutdowns

  • High temperature engine coolant
  • High temperature compressor oil
  • Engine oil pressure
  • Low fuel level
  • High DPF soot level


  • View current & historical alarms present
  • History of last 20 alarms and events with time and date stamps
  • DM1 & DM2: View current engine codes (SPN/FMI)


  • Manual regeneration of DPF
  • Reset service timers
  • Diagnostics for engine ECU
  • Language settings
  • Unit of measure changes
Model XAS 188 CD
Actual free air delivery (FAD) cfm 189
Normal effective working pressure Psi 100
Maximum unloading pressure Psi 125
Minimum working pressure Psi 58
Max. sound pressure level @ 23’ (7m) at normal working speed & pressure 76
Compression Stages 1
Air Receiver Capacity US Gal (L) 4.76 (18.0)
Compressor oil capacity US Gal (L) 2.5 (9.7)
Air Compressor outlets 2 x 3⁄4”
Max. ambient temperature (at sea level) °F (°C) 122 (50)
Maximum altitude ft (m) TBD
Minimum starting temperature (without cold weather options) °F (°C) 14 (-10)
Minimum starting temperature (with cold weather options) °F (°C) TBD
Engine Caterpillar C2.2T
Emissions Regulation US EPA Tier 4 Final
US EPA Engine Family EKBXL02.4END
Output at rated speed (2700 rpm) HP 48,8
Number of cylinders 4
Aspiration Turbocharged
Displacement cu in (L) 135 (2.21)
Engine speed (Unloaded) rpm 1600
Engine speed (Maximum loaded) rpm 2800
Engine oil capacity US Gal (L) 2.05 (7.76)
Engine coolant capacity US Gal (L) 2.6 (9.9)
Fuel tank capacity US Gal (L) 27 (102)
Fuel consumption at 100% load Gal/Hr (L/Hr) 2.37 (8.97)
Fuel consumption at 75% load Gal/Hr (L/Hr) 1.92 (7.26)
Fuel consumption at 50% load Gal/Hr (L/Hr) 1.69 (6.40)
Fuel consumption at 25% load Gal/Hr (L/Hr) 1.24 (4.69)
Fuel consumption at 0% load Gal/Hr (L/Hr) 1.02 (3.86)
Electrical System (Negative Ground) V 12
Battery Capacity (Cold Cranking Amps) A 725